My work in UI and UX at Thales Avionics has been one of the most rewarding and exciting opportunities I've ever been faced with. I've consulted in-person with multiple international customers, acted as a brand and product ambassador alongside our Customer Program and Media teams, and have designed and implemented countless assets, features, and interfaces that will soon be available for millions of people on countless airlines around the globe. I've successfully embodied each brand in their respective GUIs through exemplary design and innovative interaction models that are custom-tailored to be feasible and structurally aligned with Thales' own product architecture. I've implemented user-testing and analysis to back design and product direction, and have worked alongside world-renowned agencies to provide UI and UX support for some of the world's top airlines. Further, I've implemented new processes to bridge the gaps between our design, software, product, and customer teams in order to create a unified Thales solution.

To maintain contractual obligations to our customers, I am unable to publicly show any work until the systems are flying. Thank you for understanding.

Digital Media

As the graphic design intern at XUMO, I had the incredible opportunity to work with partner brands like BuzzFeed, Time, Conde Nast, and Vice Media. Tasked with drumming up excitement for a soon-to-be-released content platform, I built and tracked web advertising, implemented social media campaigns, and even generated media and goods for use at events like CES and VidCon, all while ensuring the brand integrity of XUMO and our dozens of brand partners. XUMO was my first taste in UI/UX, as I was soon working on user flows and wireframes across web, mobile, Roku, and smart-TVs in addition to my advertising work.

Print Design

Working with a diverse clientele of students, faculty, staff, community partners, and visiting guests, my position at Willamette University's Integrated Technology Services encompassed all things print. By engaging each customer throughout the stages of conceptualization, design, fabrication, and delivery, I was able to learn an enormous amount about prepress and best practices for printed media. Further work through the Office of Communications presented opportunities for branding and copywriting, complementing my design work with more focused training in auxiliary services.